I really enjoyed the massage and it certainly helped the next day, I noticed the improvement in my training. Great stuff with the feet, not something I’ve had done before & I can still feel the difference while walking. Feet feel a lot more spread out.

Ben ran the Cardiff half marathon the next day.

Ben Andrews Personal Trainer

Berkeley Centre Health, Clifton,  Bristol.

Theresa keeps me mobile. Her magic massage technique is like no other I’ve had before. She is a special practitioner and a lovely woman.

Cathy Feast Author

Cathy has had two operations on her spine, extensive surgery on one foot and knee.

Terisa Retired

Amazing therapist, she has made such  a difference, I feel like I can move after years of being stuck. I have had movement issues since I was a child, often in pain, for the first time in my life I dont feel like I am battling my own body

Terisa suffers from an early form of osteoarthritis