Massage Treatments

Your initial  treatment includes a free consultation, please allow an additional 15 to 20 minutes. Many of the treatments can be combined to ensure our session is to your specific requirements.

Holistic sports massage Bristol

Remedial Massage (Sports)

Generally concentrating on a single specific problem area, the aim primarily is to increase joint mobility, release tension in the fascia, muscles tendons and more specify the ligaments.

Always deep this type of massage can be very intense, as I have a multitude of techniques available I can adapt it to your personal requirements & needs. Applying pressure to your point of discomfort to release built up tension allowing your body to relax, stretch and release further tension.

Myofascia Massage/Deep Tissue

Similar to remedial work an intense therapy which cannot be performed on the entire body at one time, this therapy aims to release muscular, fascia, tendon and ligament tension on a range of joints.

Often work is on old injuries or traumas working deep into scar tissue.

Pressure is applied in varying degrees, always working to your level of discomfort.

Holistic/Swedish Massage

Treatment for the whole body customized to suit you, relaxing, energizing, gentle or with pressure this beautiful oiled treatment is smooth and flowing.

Releasing muscular tension, improving skin tone, helping the body to remove toxins, stimulating the nervous, digestive, cardio and lymphatic systems, this modern treatment is based on very ancient healing techniques.


A mix of ancient traditions and science based anatomy, this foot treatment is always an extremely pleasant experience, particularly first time you receive one.

Profoundly relaxing, not always comfortable as pressure is applied to all parts of your foot this is the “professional foot rub” which sends your body into a tranquil zone from which it can repair itself.

A course of treatment is used if you have particular ailment this non-invasive fully clothed amazingly relaxing treatment is highly recommended for all types of traumas both physical and emotional.


Gentle oiled massage which incorporates holistic massage practices along with acupressure and trigger points to help restore the body, eliminate tensions, toxins and leave you feeling relaxed with a deeper sense of well being.

Essential oils are chosen for each specific treatment that are 100% client based, all modern pharmaceutical drugs are based on plants, we aroma therapists use the essence of the plants directly on the skin which are absorbed into your body in a safe, pleasing & non-invasive way.

Indian Head Massage

A seated fully clothed, shoulder, neck, arm, face & head massage at times relaxing then stimulating the entire nervous, cardio and immune system, a treatment that incorporates massage, acupressure points and energy work.

This treatment can be carried out anywhere requiring no special chair, traditionally a family massage with children, parents, grandparents all learning this wonderful ancient massage and treating each other, oils can be applied to further stimulate or calm your system.

Seated Acupressure Massage

This treatment usually lasts fifteen to twenty minutes a particular chair is used to allow for greater relaxation, traditional holistic and deep tissue massage is used through clothing, along with acupressure points and Thai Style mobilisation techniques.

This type of treatment is a quick fix often received by office workers or others that develop posture tensions due to the repetitive work they do.

Can be carried out at your place of work or home.


A Japanese energy therapy, this non-invasive practice is used to move your energy to allow your body the space to heal itself, sessions are fully clothed, with the client lying down.

Energy work is surprising for the first time receiver, there are no specific aims before the treatment starts.

Reiki allows deep healing to occur on a fundamental level, if you consider we would not be alive without energy, our entire body is controlled by our nervous system which requires electrical or chemical impulses to send messages to and from our brain.

Basic Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is ancient the benefits of using pressure and mobilisation have long been established in Thailand and North India, this practice would need a lifetime to master to incorporate all the subtle elements into a single treatment, however even with the basic knowledge the benefits can be enormous, realising deep tension, restoring motion and giving the receiver a intense sense of well being.

I do not offer this treatment on its own but incorporate it successfully in Deep Tissue Treatments.

Lymphatic Drainage

This subtle therapy is immensely relaxing each treatment is for an hour and a half as it takes time to gently encourage the lymphatic system to clear itself.

Used primarily for the removal of excess liquids in the body particularly around joints.

This treatment is a super boost for the immune system via direct work on the lymphatic system, our body cleaner.

This treatment will give you a greater sense of well being, improved skin tone, aids lymphatic function which removes, toxins, debris and excess fluid you will also feel relaxed and often have a sense of lightness.